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23.500 TIMES

23.500 are the times needed for an image of an inert material enlarged under a microscope, such as clay, to take on the appearance of a faked, archaic and primordial landscape. The work of Giacomo Infantino and Francesca Ruberto blends video and sound sculpture together, and conceives an immersive and introspective experience with a dreamlike and dreamy dimension. The video investigates the state of today's environmental crisis through a metaphorical metalanguage, projected in a time and space of paradoxical events that oscillate between the birth of something and the death of something else.
The state of global pandemic and the consequent lockdown put the necessary to rediscover that transient and unconscious link of a dimension on the border between the ancient and the future, between the uncertain and the eternal, between man and nature. Through the sculpture and the mimetic of the images, a new landscape has been created, not necessarily experienced and associable with the objective reality, but able to suggest new questions on what it means to coexist today.

Title: 23.500 Times
Authors: Giacomo Infantino & Francesca Ruberto

Editing: Giacomo Infantino - Francesca Ruberto

Light Design: Lorenzo Ronchi

Photography: Giacomo Infantino

Scenography: Giacomo Infantino

Sound Design: Francesca Ruberto

Full HD video, black and white, stereo sound, 06.56.00 min.
June 2020.

Francesca Ruberto and Giacomo Infantino
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Francesca Ruberto and Giacomo Infantino

Still video #1
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Still video #1
Still video #2
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Still video #2
Still video #3
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Still video #3

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