Giacomo Infantino (b.1993) is a visual artist based between Milan and Varese. He obtained the BA in New Media and the MA in Photography both at Brera Academy, in Milan. He also studied abroad at Hochschule Für Grafik Und Bunchkunst, in Lipsia. He’s currently attending the BA in History and Stories of the Contemporary World at Insubria University, in Varese.

Infantino’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally thanks to group and solo shows such as Italian Institute of Culture (Prague 2021), Futuro Arcaico (Bari 2021), Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea - MUFOCO (Cinisello Balsamo, 2021), Camera Work Prize (Palazzo Rasponi, Ravenna, 2019), Still Gallery (Milan, 2020), Garbatella Images (Rome, 2021), Museo degli Innocenti (Florence, 2021), B-Part Gallery (Berlin, 2020), ABITARE - 999 Una collezione di domande sull'abitare contemporaneo (Triennale di Milano, 2018).

Besides his research has been published nationally and internationally through papers and platforms such as Der Greif Issue14 (2021), A Week From Monday Viaindustriae Publishing (2021), Yogurt Magazine – Bad Taste (2020), Fresh Eyes 2020 (2020), Rolling Stones Italia - Black Camera (2020), Il Fotografo n.326 (2020), T-Mag Issue n.8 (2020), PHROOM Platform (2018). Between 2019 and 2021 Infantino has participated in several artistic residencies through the Italian peninsula such as: Garbatella Images curated by Francesco Zizola (Rome, 2021), A Week From Monday – curated by Viainsutriae Publishing (Foligno, 2020), Panorami contemporanei e luoghi in trasformazione curated by Matteo Balduzzi and Caterina Benvegnù (Padova/Milan 2020-2021), BoCS Art – curated by Giacinto di Pietrantonio (Cosenza, 2019).

He’s currently working as copywriter for some magazines and research platforms on contemporary photography like: Phroom Platform, Zone Magazine e Dodho Magazine. In 2020 he started teaching for the online platform Live on stage and from 2021 he’s also teach a class in Photography at Foto Scuola Lecce, in Lecce.

“Through photography and moving images, Giacomo Infantino’s imaginary takes form and mentions, deconstructs, regenerates and generates myths and mythology that are surrounded by a natural and supposedly timeless scenario, almost archetypal but in a contemporary way. Light has such a key role in his visions. It’s not the sun light, it’s the one that belong to the dark. This kind of light let us see the dark, to look it into its eyes. Despite it appear to us through acid and electric colours with artificial form, it suggest us an ontological doubting about the nature of his source."

Lidia Bianchi





Giacomo Infantino
21026 - Varese (VA)


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