Samuele Albani, Dario Bitto, Jacopo Belloni, Alessandro Ghiselli, Giacomo Infantino, Luca Kasper, Davies Zambotti

Venerdì 1 Marzo 2019 - Macao

H 19 Opening door

H 20 Performance by Jacopo Belloni

H 21 _Open console_ TBD

Apophenia è una lettura del reale puramente immaginativa, che permette di vedere un volto dove vi è solamente un agglomerato di cerchi e linee o della materia informe. È un’illusione prodotta dalla lettura della realtà attorno come un'immagine spettrale; un miraggio in cui si spera di riconoscere qualcuno o qualcosa nel nulla. Nella sua sete di immagine l'uomo le proietta anche dove non vi sono.


LeeL, is a nomad artist-run space, and a collective formed by Alessandro Ghiselli e Giacomo Infantino, born from the need for a new space, a place where artists can experiment.
It's a project thought by Alessandro Ghiselli to connect artistic studios in Italy and abroad.
LeeL with each project creates new microcosms welcoming different thoughts and practices, bringing together artists in one continuous exchange of energies coming from different worlds that define their form in every project. Thanks to the synergy between Alessandro and Macao, LeeL takes shape in a room on the first floor inside the liberty building in Viale Molise 68 in Milan. Macao welcomes the idea and financed it in its first steps, while Alessandro manages the artistic development of each project and looks for new collaborations with studios and artists. LeeL is focused on the production and exploration of processes around contemporary art, becoming a center of comparison, research and use of artistic experimentations. The project's interest is to create artists on the move and connect independent studios with each other, progressively integrating emerging national and international realities.