ècdiṡi s.f. [from the greek word ἔκδυσις, which means «Exit, deprivation», derives from ἐκδύω «to strip, to undress»].
In biology, itís the process of loss and reformation of the surface layer of the integument, which occurs in various groups of animals, especially arthropods and reptiles.
We all have our own personal relationship with the territory that surrounds us. The place where we live or where we are born becomes part of our imagination since our childhood.
Even if we move away we carry with us the sediments and the perceptions of that place which, in the past, taught us to decode the world which presented itself to our eyes.
Through a series of self-portraits I returned to those places of the soul which I discovered for the first time as a child.
Walking along the thin line of the periodic changes taking place, caused by time, I have since changed my skin and I wanted to immerse myself in a landscape altered over time and far from reality.
Through the photographic mistake, the lack of a clear outline being synonymous of a faded memory, I tried to read myself through the same landscape that, in some way, projects myself back onto the clear glow of my skin.