My research is based on the in-depth narrative of those places in my province, those peripheral sites to which I have devoted my attention and constant attendance. My photographic production seeks to open the doors of this cross-section of society with portraits of their identities and the places they inhabit. Photographing all this has allowed me to play a part in the daily lives of these people, transforming them into impassive characters, suspended, and almost absent. These people, so different from eachother, share a membership to a liquid society that is constantly changing and increasingly globalized. In this sense their identities becomes international, i.e. they are both out of the world and within the world. Never before has the individual been so focused on himself and at the same time so connected to others, this is the social combination of which we are all protagonists. The random and dematerialized image creates the contrast between day and night, which reveals the mask of reality and its hidden unconscious. My representation has formal references to the american canon, opposed to italian symbols that emphasize the real identity of things. The purpose is to try to highlight something that you don't see at first glance, which remains hidden in the daily substructure and which has always fascinated me.
ABITARE - Landscape Stories - Dodho

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